​Philosophy:  The process of acceptance and financial assistance for a college education begins the first day as a 9th grader.  The 3+ PROJECT stresses the importance of a 3.0 grade-point average (GPA) or higher.  A 3.0 GPA or higher will afford each student the opportunity to be accepted to a large amount of post-secondary schools and to also find money to pay for the education. 

Time is Critical: All 9th graders will establish their high school GPA at the end of the semester (18 weeks) in the January Card Marking.  We all need to work to educate the 9th graders on the importance and urgency of earning a 3.0 GPA in January.  Each student needs to understand a lower the GPA is missed opportunity for certain colleges and monies that cannot be regained.  These opportunities for admission and money are forever lost.  

​The “Restart Generation”

Our youth have grown up in the video game era where they can create and control all aspects of the game. If the game in not going like he or she wishes, simply hit the reset and start over again.  This “restart” attitude has carried over into every aspect of the students’ lives and for a large number of them this attitude is hurting their future.  There isn’t a “restart” button on the high school transcript or the ACT exam.   ​
The Money Line: 3.2 career GPA and a 24 on the ACT.  Earning college financial security through academics is achievable by every student.  Understanding the “Money Line” will help 9th graders understand the urgency for great academics the first semester of their 9th grade year. 

​ WHY THE 3+ Project

​Junior Year – College Acceptance – 6 semesters - 6 semesters – 24 credits  , 3.2 GPA = 76.8 points , 2.5 in 1st semester 9th grade require a 3.34 over the next 5 consecutive semesters.   2.2 in 1st semester 9th grade requires a 3.4 over the next 5 consecutive semester.        2.5 in first 2 semesters requires a 3.55 over the next 4 consecutive semesters.

Senior Year – College Academic Scholarships  - 8 semesters - 8 semesters – 32 credits 3.2 GPA = 102.4 points 2.5 in 1st semester 9th grade requires a 3.3 over the next 7 consecutive semesters.  2.5 in first 2 semesters requires a 3.43 over the next 6 consecutive semesters.

Weekly Academic Progress Reports:  Students will fill out and have every teacher sign their 3+ Project Weekly Academic Progress Report.  The students must fulfill all four requirements every day of the week – Attend class on time, complete all work on time, give a college prep effort and remain infraction/behavior free.  Every student fulfilling each requirement will be award a “WIN” for the week.  The weekly progress report is the accountability aspect of the 3+ PROJECT.  Students “winning” in every class, every week will achieve great success in academics and college preparation.  ​

​ Areas of Concern for the 9th Graders: Academic Attitude: Students need to portray the desire and drive to learn and earn quality grades.  Academic Effort:  Student need to focus on verbal and written instructions in class. They also need to complete quality work to the best of their ability.  High-Level Thinking Skills: Students need to begin the basic patterns of high-level and in-depth thinking skills needed throughout high school.  Organization:  Students need to keep binders, folders, and notes organized throughout the semester and final exam.  Social Behaviors:  Students need to focus on their academic attitude while in school and less on the “other” discussion that interrupts their learning environment.  ​
Outcomes:  The goal of the 3+ Project is to have 9th graders establish a high school GPA of over a 3.0 in their first semester (January) card marking.  This achievement will put them in a position for college admissions and scholarship money in their senior year.  Positive and productive academic work Exceptional and focused academic effort in all school work A high-level, abstract thinking student Academic and Social Accountability Student that accept all challenges and are able to learn from failures An organized, efficient, and productive student ​

​College Athletic Advantages:  It is critical all student athletes with a dream of college athletics understand the HS GPA is the most important number in recruiting.  The higher the GPA, 3+ Project, the larger the number of college athletic opportunities.  For most, a college athletic career is more about affordability than athletic skills.  Athletic scholarship money is limited and competition is extremely high.  NCAA ELIGIBILITY D1 Sliding Scale: A student’s NCAA CORE GPA (may be different than the student’s high school cumulative or career GPA) will determine the required ACT/SAT score. 3.0 NCAA CORE GPA requires a 13 ACT 2.5 NCAA CORE GPA requires a 17 ACT NCAA Early Qualifications – a student athlete can earn NCAA full qualifier status after 6 semesters with over a 3.0 NCAA CORE GPA and a 22 ACT.  Academic scholarships are guaranteed and achievable by all students.  Athletic scholarships are limited and based on college coaches’ discretion. 

​In Conclusion: “The Resume for My Future” The student’s resume for their future is their high school transcript.  The 3+ Project is a proactive approach to assist the students with the fulfilling their dreams of a college education. Successful students in the 3+ Project will have the foundation to progress to college admissions and to obtain college financial assistance.