Coaches Who Care

Coaches Who Care Youth Athlete Literacy program.  

c49605cf2145b68c209fac23d7cf5658​This program has youth coaches read with their players before practice.  Coaches Who Care also teaches why reading and increasing grade-level reading from elementary though the high school years has a direct impact on college admission exams.

Elementary School Program:
COACHES WHO CARE: Youth coaches will commit to reading with their players for 15 minutes before each practice.  Studies show middle class child come to kindergarten with 1000 hours of reading.  Child of poverty comes with 25 hours.  K-2 graders students learn reading and simple spelling.3-5 graders and onward student need to learn how to READ TO LEARN.  Failure or success in high school is greatly determined by one's ability to read to learn.  Skilled must be gained during elementary and middle school years.  If one can read, one can perform well in math.