Win All Four Workbook



Becoming a college recruit is a four year process.  It begins the first day of your freshman year and continues throughout your four years in high school. The first question asked by every recruiter is “What is the player’s GPA?”  The higher your GPA and class rank, the greater the number of athletic opportunities made available to you; conversely, the same is true – the lower your GPA and class rank, the fewer the opportunities.  Unfortunately, a common mistake made by high school athletes is not being academically successful in their freshmen and sophomore years.   

The WIN ALL FOUR Guide will cover the numerous college athletic opportunities afforded to student athletes.  There are specific requirements for every opportunity and WIN ALL FOUR will define these requirements.  

  • The Recruiting Process
    • It's a FOUR YEAR Process 
    • 9th Grade, 1st Semester Most Important Report Card 
    • Higher the Grade Point Average (GPA), the More College Athletic Opportunities 
  • Divisions of Competition
    • National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)
      • D1, D2, D3, NJCAA
    • National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA)
  • Athletic Scholarships
    • Full Scholarships, Head Count Sports 
    • Partial Scholarships, Equivalency Sports 
    • Number of Available Scholarships Available per Sport 
  • Roles of the Individuals in the Recruiting Process
    • You, the Student-Athlete
    • Your Coach
    • Your Counselor
    • The College Recruiter
    • College Athlete
  • College Athlete Academic Eligibility Requirements 
    • NCAA D1 Core Classes, NCAA D1 Core GPA & Sliding Scale, 2016 NCAA D1 "Locked Credits," Early Academic Qualifier
    • NCAA D2 Core Classes, NCAA D2 Core GPA & 2018 Sliding Scale,  Early Academic Qualifier
    • 3 Tier NAIA Academic Eligibility Requirements  

WIN ALL FOUR Workbook 

​The second half of the book is the student-athlete's workbook. This section has different tasks needed for every year the student is in high school.  Remember, college academic eligibility is a FOUR YEAR process.  Proper documentation is critical throughout high school.  WIN ALL FOUR will help parents and students create their four year game plan for all the college athlete academic requirements.  This documentation includes calculating your NCAA Core GPA, meeting with your guidance counselor and head coach.  

Why Create This Workbook
So many athletes around our country spend countless hours working the fundamentals and techniques of their sport in hopes of becoming a college athlete. Most have been dreaming of this since they began playing in the youth leagues. The purpose of this presentation and book is to give every high school athlete the understanding and a plan to become a college student-athlete. My hope is for the athletes to use the information to increase their chances of making their dreams a reality.