Total student athlete

High School Program:
WIN ALL FOUR – Guide and Workbook. Win All Four is a step by step manual of the college recruiting process from the beginning of one’s 9th grade year. NCAA Eligibility Center (Clearinghouse) included with copyright approval. REMEMBER, the first semester 9th grade report card is the MOST IMPORTANT grades earned in high school.
Middle School Program:
FOUNDATIONS Program: Building a “foundation” to exemplify a Total Student Athlete should be solicited by the end of one’s 8th grade year. Middle school student athletes need to understand the “rules of recruiting” before the game starts the first day of ones’ 9th grade year.
Elementary School Program:
COACHES WHO CARE: Exemplify a Total Student Athlete should be incorporated in all youth sports activities. In COACHES WHO CARE, youth coaches will commit to reading with their players for 10 minutes before each practice. Molding young athletes to be students first and foremost is critical at a young age.
K-2 graders students learn reading and simple spelling.
3-5 graders and onward student need to learn how to READ TO LEARN (grade appropriate comprehension) Failure or success in high school is greatly determined by one’s ability to read to learn. Skilled must be gained during elementary and middle school years. If one can read, one can perform well in math.