Win All Four 2021: A Four Year Guide & Workbook for Students Aiming for College Paperback – July 8, 2021

by Michael C. Kostoff (Author)

Why Create This Workbook? So many athletes around our country spend countless hours working the fundamentals and techniques of their sport in hopes of becoming a college athlete. Most have been dreaming of this since they began playing in the youth leagues. The purpose of this workbook is to give every high school athlete and their parents the understanding and a plan to become a college student-athlete. My hope is for the athletes to use the information to increase their chances of making their dreams a reality.This book is a guide and workbook to help guide a student athletes though the college recruiting process including the academic eligibility requirements. The book will supply you with worksheets for yearly meetings with the high school counselor and the head coach. Other work sheets will help student track their core class and calculate their core GPA.